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How to manage digital assets in 2023

The headache of digital asset sharing

If you’re like us, you probably spend a lot of time working with cross functional teams to build products and companies. Whether you’re putting together an investor pitch deck, sharing designs with your product team, or simply updating your team with a personalized video, creating and sharing content is broken. You spend a lot of time and energy creating these assets - and need a system that showcases and protects these assets. 

Why can’t I just use Google Drive or DocSend?

Sure - there are many solutions to sharing files online. You can use DocSend, Loom, DropBox and many other standard tools. However, we’ve found that these tools fail to meet the demands of cross functional distributed teams:

🔄 Asset Displays Suck
🤬Managing content is a headache
🔃 Creating content is not scalable 
🔒Hard to protect content
🤏🏽 No rewards or community attachment

Well, what does Daply do anyways?

You may be wondering… So what does Daply do? We’re on a mission to build the content system that meets the needs of every creator driven business.  Let’s dive in:

📺Create scalable content and stream many formats elegantly
🤝🏽Drive your organization and content goals forward
😀 Host personalized, collaborative and immersive content
🪙Enable community rewards and behavior crafting

Is this relevant to me? 

Research Hubspot research has shown that the creator economy is expected to grow by over $104B by 2025. Additionally, according to Legaljobs.io, IP theft costs the economy upwards of $600B per year. Having a system to create, store and safely share digital assets is essential if you’re a business, brand or creator. We’ve made sure to build our system to empower individual creators as much as Fortune 500 teams. Here are some of the our customer profiles: 

⚽NIL Collectives

Athletes, coaches and teams have used our platform to manage content for players and brands.

🎮 Gaming Studios

Game studios have enabled the creators to easily create and host gaming digital assets, enabling the creator economy.

🖼️ Creatives

Designers and artists have used our platform as a communication tool to 

🏗️ Product Teams

When working on communicating across development, client and design teams, Daply has made it 84% more efficient to meet project goals.

🧠 IP Offices

No more sifting through paperwork and having to sort through different systems. Daply makes it easy to capture and store digital assets, designs and 3D models.

🏛️ Nonprofits, DAOs and Unions

Daply is enabling one of the largest DC based nonprofits to bring their community on-chain through a creative tokenized community. You can learn more here.

How do I get started?

Getting started with Daply is simple and easy. Unlocking the full power of immersive content management has never been easier. You can create and account here. Our team is here to help if you have any questions!