Powering the creative economy.

Our our mission is to empower leaders to harness the power of an integrated content management service. We're built to leverage  AI to connect, incentivize and grow communities like never before.

Our Core Values


We work best when we work together. We believe in collaboration at all times.


We’re committed to a culture of total transparency that is sensitive to diverse needs.


Growth-at-any-cost is a dangerous mindset that we’ve actively eschewed.


We believe that the only way to ensure something gets done is to do it ourselves.

Our Journey

We’ve come a long way and are proud of hitting these milestones.

Built our first DAO 
MVP Validation from industry leaders
First version of our product (Q1 2023)
Scale to other Network and dApps
Raise Series A round to expand customer base
Continue to build

Career Opportunities

Web 3 Technical Lead
Part time
Toronto, CA
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UI/UX Designer
Full time
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